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Updated News

1.        Best Paper award of ICMeCG 2010:


Geng Cui, Zhijun Fang, Shutao Dong, Lai Wei and P.M. Lai received the Best Paper award for their work. The detailed information is listed as follows:


Ÿ           Geng Cui, Hon-kwong Lui, and Xiaoning Guo

 Online Reviews as a Driver of New Product Sales

Ÿ           Zhijun Fang, Guihua Luo, Fengchang Fei, and Shuai Li 

Stock Forecast Method Based on Wavelet Modulus Maxima and Kalman Filter

Ÿ           Shutao Dong

IT Governance in Post-Adoption Stages of CRM Diffusion: An Institutional Perspective

Ÿ           Lai Wei and Hong Chen

The Ripple Effect of Natural Disaster on the Agricultural Industry Chain

Ÿ           P.M. Lai and K.B. Chuah

Developing an Analytical Framework for Mobile Payments Adoption in Retailing: A Supply-Side Perspective


2. Due to the absence of some authors, two-day conference is tightened into one day and half. Here comes the updated program of ICMeCG 2010.

3. The conference Program is available now, please click here to download

4. To help us organize the conference well, please fill out this form in English or Chinese as your convenience, and return it to xuyajun1982@hotmail.com by October, 9th. 2010.

5.  Final paper submission instructions are available now. Please check out the information here.

6.  After debate, several papers are reconsidered for publication. Please click here to get the updated list of the accepted papers.

7. The notification of acceptance or rejection has been sent out on June 25th, 2010. Please note that the author registration is due on July 5th, 2010.


Conference Introduction

2010 International Conference on Management of e-Commerce and e-Government (ICMeCG2010) provides a forum for researchers, developers, administrators, officers and users interested in the management of electronic commerce and electronic government to present their research results, and exchange idea. The three previous ICMeCG conferences were held in 2003, 2008 and 2009 on Nanchang of China successfully.

The 4th International Conference on Management of e-Commerce and e-Government (ICMeCG2010) will be held in the beautiful city  Chengdu,  China. Topics of ICMeCG2010 include but are not limited:

      (1) e-Commerce and its management

  • Modeling and evaluating of e-commerce
  • Strategies of e-commerce
  • Diffusion and adoption of e-commerce
  • Econometric models of e-commerce
  • e-Marketing and e-financing

      (2) Management of e-government

  • Organization and management of e-government information
  • Deploy and management of e-government infrastructure
  • Diffusion strategies of e-government
  • Disaster emergency response of e-government
  • Case study of e-government
  • Cultural, social and political issues of e-government
  • Technical aspects of e-government

      (3) Data management and intelligence in e-commerce and e-government

  • Knowledge engineering and knowledge management
  • Mobile and XML Database, search engine
  • Information filtering and retrieval
  • Data warehouse, data mining and business intelligence
  • Intelligent agent and mobile agent
  • Business Intelligence and personalized recommendation

      (4) Enterprise management and information system

  • Knowledge transfer and independent innovation
  • Organization and management of information resource
  • Strategy management and project management
  • Embedded e-commerce system
  • Open source technologies in e-commerce
  • Collaborative information systems

      (5) Logistics and supply chain management

  • Lean logistics and Reverse logistics
  • Global logistics
  • Supply chain management
  • Warehouse management and Inventory management
  • Case studies of logistics and supply chain management

      (6) Network aspect in e-commerce

  • Next generation Internet
  • Grid computing and P2P technology in e-commerce
  • Network protocol design for e-commerce
  • Web based e-commerce system
  • Web service and web data management
  • Semantic web and web mining

      (7) Security of e-commerce

  • Authentication, authorization and cryptography
  • Intrusion detection and localization
  • Trust model and privacy protect
  • Log management and database security
  • Security of mobile commerce
  • Biometric identification

      (8) Mobile commerce and its applications

  • Management of mobile commerce
  • Mobile commerce model and platform
  • GPS and location service
  • Mobile payment and accounting
  • Mobile computing and ubiquitous computing
  • Applications of mobile commerce (i.e. entertainment, advertising, game)
  • RFID application in mobile commerce

      (9) Multimedia and application in e-commerce

  • Multimedia representation in e-commerce
  • Information hiding, digital watermarking
  • Image retrieval technology
  • e-Game and e-entertainment
  • e-Financing (e-payment, e-bank, e-stock, e- insurance)
  • e-education and e-training

The conference will take place on 23-24 October, 2010 at Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, Chengdu, China. In addition to paper presentations from the delegates, the program includes keynote speeches, panel discussions, and poster sessions. A demonstration session will be held for the delegates to share their research results.

All papers selected for this conference are peer-reviewed and will be published in the regular conference proceedings by the IEEE Computer Society Press indexed through ISTP, EI and automatically included in the IEEE Digital Library. We are contacting the Chief Editors of 4 highly regarded international journals, and will select high-quality papers and recommend them to be published in the special issues.


  • Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, China
  • Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, China
  • Fudan  University, China


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